Hangar 18 - We Are The Agile Agency

The Agile Agency Explained.

Your marketing plan and needs are constantly changing. You must get into the market fast, sometimes even change the message mid-stream. We understand. You need to be flexible and so do we.

We Embrace Change.

Today, even one email can change the entire project. We get it.

Instead of resisting, we work with you to get to the next iteration, with our full support. It helps us stay hungry. Makes both of us more competitive. And better partners.

Why 18?

It’s in our name and keeps us on our toes.

18-minute meetings instead of 30 minute chats. Checking in with the client earlier and more often. Being proactive. Being responsive. 18-day work cycles. Being agile means more focus, fewer guesses and less waste.

Agile Works.

We took the advice of clients and built an agency around their needs and our strengths. Since you’ve read this far it means you might want to know more. Please phone, text, or email us for more info.


Hangar 18 has won numerous international, national, and regional awards over the years for creative design. Although we would rather not boast, we recently received an award that we can’t help but allude to as it represents a large body of work. We won the Legacy Award from Design Edge Magazine in Toronto as the top Design Studio in BC/Yukon for the best overall work in the past decade. Whew!

While we appreciate being recognized by our peers, growing our clients’ business is our benchmark for achievement.


"Fairmont Waterfront has worked on several projects with H18 and have been ecstatic with all of them.

The team is creative, flexible, collaborative and always delivers a professional end product that reflects a solid understanding of the initial concept. I would not hesitate to recommend them."

Kristyna Vogel, Marketing & Public Relations Manager
Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
"I was and remain impressed with how quickly the Hangar 18 team grasped the complex concepts Metro Vancouver needed to convey, how quickly they turned our ideas into concrete communications tools and tactics, how it all felt almost effortless, and how it all happened on time and within budget."

Peter Cech, Communications Specialist
Corporate Relations Department
Metro Vancouver
"I advise anyone looking for the brightest stars in Vancouver for advertising, branding, creative design, or integrated marketing to check out the team at Hangar 18. In addition to the branding and design work they produced for my company, they were instrumental to the resounding success of our exhibit at the GLOBE 2016 Innovation Expo. I now call them my creative marketing team. I own a renewable energy startup. Like most startups, I spend my time working hard to get the technology off the ground, managing all of the things that a small business has to deal with to make everything go.

I am an engineer by trade, a technical person, not a creative artist. However, I know good creative design when I see it. I know what creates a mood when I hear it. I know what catches the imagination and compels action when I feel it. This is the magic of good marketing. The work from the team at Hangar 18 was nothing less than extraordinary."

Russell Westbrook, President
10th Principle Energy Technologies
"Hangar 18 responded to our bid for a youth marketing campaign with an insightful and well thought out strategy. They worked effortlessly on a very complex campaign to provide us with exceptional creative, web and project management services. The staff is very professional, talented and committed."

Valerie Rodrigues, Manager, Community Investment
Outreach & Education
BC Hydro