Project Description


We live in a fast-paced, visual world. Consumers would rather view content than read it. H18 understands the power of this medium and is able to create and deliver the right balance of information and entertainment that viewers will want to watch again and again.


Three :15 second brand spots that capture the unique ability that animals have “to bring out the human in us”. As a bonus, H18 also created a fourth and all-encompassing spot for the BC SPCA. The extended :30 second spot combined a new composition with previously unseen footage, edited specifically for social media.

Our client was a dream. The objective was clear. Animals have an incredible bond with people that is transformative. We needed to communicate that simple truth and stretch every last penny.

We came up with a strategy that is unique; taking a very tiny crew into the homes of real people and their pets to document the bond in a very authentic way. No tricks, no scripts; just waiting for the magic moment to unfold. Set to original compositions of a memorable song, the spots are timeless and just what the client ordered.


:30 second national brand spot that launched cloud money off the ground.

nTrust has turned to Hangar 18 Creative Group to help launch its new Cloud Money Platform with a national :30 spot. The app allows people to send and receive money free within Canada from their iOS or Android device. Hangar 18 worked closely with the nTrust team and provided strategic and creative branding for a 30-second television commercial. The timeline was tight: The entire process, from the original brief to the air date was less than six weeks. It was truly a collaborative effort, with daily updates from the client and the talented team we assembled. The broadcast campaign includes a 30 second spot along with a YouTube 15 second pre-roll and a 30 second radio lift. Production was provided by Circle Productions, Cycle Media and Vapor Music.

Enterra Feed Corporation

Originally conceived as a simple Power Point presentation, the creative grew into an animated short. Created and illustrated by one of our talented designers, it features the voice of David Suzuki.

H18 has earned a reputation as a key-problem solver in the Green Tech sector. We are proud to have helped Enterra, Metro Vancouver, Catalyst Community Developments, Tenth Principle Energy Technologies, Options for Homes, and the City of Vancouver to develop and grow their brands, leaving a positive impact in our communities.