Project Description


A core strength of H18 is our ability to create a wide range of original illustrations in-house to suit our client’s needs. From detailed info-graphics, to simple but elegant iconography, H18 can produce distinctive illustrated solutions to help set your company or organization apart.


H18 designed web-friendly illustrations and graphics to appear in the Zoro app and in taxi cab displays.

Enterra Feed Corporation


Fairmont Waterfront

South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club Poster

For the 130th anniversary of South Cowichan Lawn Tennis Club, Hangar 18 designed an in-house illustrated  poster that was a real hit with the players.

Port of Prince Rupert Poster

City of Vancouver Waterwise Challenge

Vancouver has excellent drinking water. Unfortunately, much of it is going down the drain because of unwise water habits during the summer months. H18 was tasked to create a fun, WaterWise game to share with family and friends while learning about water conservation in the home.